Wanessa & Rodrigo - Collecting Smiles (Goiânia, GO)

Wanessa always helped people in the streets. She married Rodrigo when she was 16 and she went on changing her husband’s wardrobe always donating the old pieces along with other personal hygiene materials and food.

Vania Schoemberner - Holiday and entertainment for children aged 0 to 17 (São Paulo, SP)

Vania began three years ago making monthly trips to Shelter Sun and Life, after realizing that the children there had few opportunities to go out, especially on tours different from going to the small square and the park nearby.

Paolo & Mary - Project Luca: Special Circus for People with Special Needs (Capon Valley, BA)

Since 2008 the Circus School of Capon Valley is developing the Luca Project: Special Circus for People with Special Needs, permanent class training in circus arts for the care of young people with disabilities, residents of Capon Valley.

Moisés Costa - Action Reaction Institute bjj (Fortaleza, CE)

Moses says he is the result of social action in Fortaleza. He was a boy who lived his life looking for troubles, and it was a social project similar to what he created in 2010 that kept him out of that kind of life and taught him jujitsu.

Leandro Claudino - Project apart from hip hop borders (Londrina, PR)

Leandro is a social educator, Library Science student at the State University of Londrina and rapper in the IML Group Family. He started the project in March 2014 in order to develop cultural activities for youth and children and to create an identity for the district of Vila Bela, that 4 years ago has no public equipment.

Julio Ritta - Cooks of Goodness (Porto Alegre, RS)

Julio is a chef and 1 year ago he decided to use his ability to help homeless people. After having seen a flash mob of thousand of musicians playing ‘foo fighters’ to call the attention of the band, he got inspired.

Carlos Melchizedek - "More Love, Please" movement (Manaus, AM)

Carlos is the creator of “More love, Please" movement which began with small donation actions and distribution of food, clothing and toiletries to Manaus homeless people.

Amanda & André - Route Movement: street art and culture (Cuiabá, MT)

The Route Movement is a socio-cultural project, which aims to promote art and culture in Cuiabá. The initiative was created when they realized that the capital was not offering cultural options that could put different segments of art together.

Ademir - Garden of Hummingbirds (Arceburgo, MG)

Ademir is a landscape architect and environmentalist, in love with hummingbirds. He started the project when he was Secretary of the Environment, but he keeps working for the Garden not to end.

Yve - If you need, take and if you don't need, donate! (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

With open arms, Yve changed the lives of many people with her project “If you need, take and if you don't need, donate!”

Vanessa - Rio Gentil (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Vanessa transformed the reality of many elderly people with her project “Rio Gentil”.

Sandra Marques - Assuma Sustentability (Campinas, SP)

The ASSUMA project was created in 2014 by Sandra and a group of volunteers that intender to turn their neighborhood, Joaquim Egídio, into a better place. They teach various classes, promote workshops, film sessions, among many other activities.

Renata - Our Journey (São Paulo, SP)

Renata Quintella studied to be an actress and and chose to be a social entrepreneur. She always wanted to make a better world for her three children, and then she came to the conclusion that the only way to achieve this would be making the people of the world better, starting with herself.

Orlando - Postman for Love (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Orlando's story is interesting. He's a postman, and through one of those life coincidences, his home is not on the map for postal service delivery.

Michel – Country Talk (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

No internet access is a reality for many Brazilians. Michel's Rocinha neighbors are some of these people.

Joanna & Lelo - Caraíva Library (Caraíva, BA)

Joanna Savaglia e Lelo Ramos are contributing to rescue Caraíva's local culture as they created a communitary library, opened through crowdfunding.

Guilherme - Plant Goodness (Santo André, SP)

The “Plante o Bem” (Plant Goodness) project was born in Santo André a year and a half ago and was created by Guilherme and some friends in order to help the homeless.

Fabi - Crazy for dogs (Santo André, SP)

Fabi has been crazy about dogs since her childhood. She always helped the animals by rescuing them, but never in an organized form.

Elias – A square for eveybody (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Elias has lived in Botafogo for 30 years and one day realized that the square near his house had been deteriorating.

Alê & Carol - Mil Orquídeas Marginais (São Paulo)

Thousand Outsider Orchids already returned back more than 800 orchid seedlings and led many citizens to interact with the Pinheiros River for the first time.