Wanessa & Rodrigo - Collecting Smiles (Goiânia, GO)

Wanessa always helped people in the streets. She married Rodrigo when she was 16 and she went on changing her husband’s wardrobe always donating the old pieces along with other personal hygiene materials and food.

Five years ago, a serious truck accident completely changed the couple’s life. He underwent 11 surgeries and all his routine had to be readjusted to deal with this new reality. “We passed all that time in hospitals and in that period we perceived how many difficulties people pass through. I thought it was only fair to return the joy to these people in some way.“ 

This difficulty inspired the creation of the project Collecting Smiles.

Every Saturday Wanessa prepares 100 lunch boxes and distributes them for dinner to the street porters, staff and patients at Campinas Pier and Reference Center for Orthopedics and Physiotherapy (Crof).

The dinner begins to be prepared for 14 hours, and at around 8 thirty at night, Wanessa and a group of volunteer friends go out by car on the streets of Goiania to distribute the food. The project is also maintained by donations and by the solidarity of people who care about the cause. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coletandosorriso