Moisés Costa - Action Reaction Institute bjj (Fortaleza, CE)

Moses says he is the result of social action in Fortaleza. He was a boy who lived his life looking for troubles, and it was a social project similar to what he created in 2010 that kept him out of that kind of life and taught him jujitsu.

For years he felt the need of returning to the community what he had achieved. So he created the Action and Reaction project teaching jujitsu and judo for needy youngsters aiming to keep them away from the harassment of drug traffickers, lack of love of many families and financial difficulties.

“Martial arts are a great encouragement to the boys because that’s where the small takes down the bigger. It's all a matter of way, not force."

And that is how Moses helps young people from Lagamar, one of the regions historically marked by violence in the city, to have a better future. 

Facebook: Projeto Social Ação e Reação bjj