Amanda & André - Route Movement: street art and culture (Cuiabá, MT)

The Route Movement is a socio-cultural project, which aims to promote art and culture in Cuiabá.

The initiative was created when they realized that the capital was not offering cultural options that could put different segments of art together, like graffiti, plastic arts, photography and music.

The first step consisted in events held in the historic center. There they produce an average of 14 works that are marketed and monetized through shirts, posters and ‘bottons’.

After the abandonment of the historic center the movement also began to give a new look of the place, helping to revitalize the space.

During the occupations on the streets of the historic center they realized that they were already occupied by people living in the street and it was in that occasion that they implemented the Street Store, "a shop in the Street", which seeks to help and serve those people in a humane way.

In 2016, they were invited by MT Art Museum to promote a series of events called “Route at the Museum,” where they took the formula of occupations, integrating different artistic expressions and occupying indeed a cultural public space.