Ademir - Garden of Hummingbirds (Arceburgo, MG)

Ademir is a landscape architect and environmentalist, in love with hummingbirds.

He started the project when he was Secretary of the Environment, but he keeps working for the Garden not to end. Today he is active also in a school, involving students, teachers and direction.

Through his blogs, he discloses his interest for these birds, their beauty, their importance for the balance of the environment and their fight for food - they need to visit thousand of plants per day to survive. The hummingbird has an important role in the biological control of some insects that are part of it food chain, as the ‘aedes egypt’.

The project began with 40 strategic points of the city, such as parks, schools, riparian forests, urban forestry ... With 2000 plants of 70 species distributed in these points, all planted by him and his volunteers. He ensures that all of them are cared.

Plants those that provide food for the Hummingbirds and placed where there is flowering every month of the year. Flowers of all colors, with the presence of hummingbirds, other birds, bees, butterflies...